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Stuff Happened: A Christian Response to Mass Shootings

Doing Wells

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Will it ever stop?

When I heard of the Oregon shooting, I shook my head. “It happened again.” It seems like a mass shooting of some kind happens every week. Over the summer we had Charleston, Chattanooga, and Louisiana. That’s not counting the unjust deaths of cops at the hands of African-Americans and the unjust deaths of African-Americans at the hands of cops. And that’s not counting the shootings that happen all the time in places like Chicago or Detroit that never make the news—there’s simply not enough time to report on every unfortunate death at the hand of a small cylinder of metal known as a bullet.

I don’t blame the President for being frustrated. We all would be if we have to play the Comforter-in-Chief for a nation that loses so many to gun violence. So many more in the past couple years…

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