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More Than a Bride

A funny thing happened when I got engaged. After nearly a year of engagement, it’s no longer comical. I’m having trouble being polite about it now. I’m starting to wish I had eloped. I became nothing more than a bride. With the exception of my closest friends, it seems no one knows what to say to me except, “How is the wedding planning going?” Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if I had more interest in planning my wedding. But I am the world’s most lackadaisical bride. I’m the polar opposite of a bridezilla. Case in point: When my mother freaked out about how we were going to decorate the stage for the ceremony (nine months before my wedding), I appeased her by saying we could add some plants. She asked what type of plants I wanted. I replied, “Green ones.” People I have known for years no longer have anything to say to me except to ask about my wedding. People I barely know have offered to help plan it. People are also great …

Wedding Bells

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Hello everyone! Long time no see (or should I say read haha 🙂 ). I have been really busy lately editing the long awaited wedding photos shot at SF City Hall. And today I have finally finished! I hope everyone will enjoy seeing my finished product as well as getting a glimpse at the love that was expressed on that day. Congratulations to my beautiful sister/bride/and now wife, I am so happy for you and your husband. May your lives together be filled with continuous laughter and joy <3.

What Is This?

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Tonight, the topic of conversation between my parents is my wedding. They’re planning it. I don’t even have a boyfriend! Did they secretly find my blog between now and yesterday and read my last post? Ah…but they reassure me it’s just a “future planning” thing and that they are including my brother’s weddings, too. For instance, what to do if one of the three of us, or two of us, or all three of us get married in the next three years. Since Jae and I are still single, and Kit is the only one with a serious relationship (going on 4 years now), I think they only have one wedding to plan in the near future. This doesn’t bother me that they are discussing these sorts of plans…it’s that they’re pairing me with a guy they approve of for me as my husband for the planning. Of course he is a nice kid and the boy of my discussion yesterday (Ant, I’m talking about Ant!)…but it just…

Wedding Inspiration Board

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Hi everyone! Paperless Post approached me to put together this wedding inspiration post and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to do so. I’ve done a post in the past on my dream wedding, which if you’re interested, you can click here to read it. However, this post is purely on some ideas that you could use or keep a note of when you’re planning your own wedding day! It is a collection of different images that I have gathered around on the internet Paperless Post is notable for producing photo save the dates as well as wedding invitations! However, they also offer the widest range of cards with different beautiful designs that there is no doubt you will find something that fits your taste. =)   Thank you for reading this post and visiting my blog! Once again, if any of the invitations above caught your eye, check out Paperless Post. They do a wide range of cards to suit all your needs and I can guarantee that you will…