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5 Things You Should Know About Student Loan Debt

1YE1LLNXGBWhen I think back to when I was in Grade 12 gearing up for university, it seems so long ago. Who knew the decisions I made then regarding my finances (and some that where inevitable due to my circumstances) would continue to impact and shape me as the person I am today.

To save future post-secondary students or current ones from getting into more student debt than they need to, I have compiled a short list of what I learned from incurring so much student debt.

  • If you have to take out ‘more’ student loan to complete your undergraduate degree outside of your hometown, it’s probably a bad idea. I understand that some students would like to go to a school outside of their city because it’s well known for the program they want to take. Others may just want to leave the nest egg. However, in most cases the…

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