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Cath Kidston Lovely Things

Chronic Pain Cockney - The Little Things

A lot of things in my life have changed beyond recognition in recent years as the pain has progressed from chronic to daily (again). There are a few things that remain constant however; one of them is my love for Cath Kidston bags, purses & accessories. My birthday is in late August, so it’s a fairly safe bet that at this time every year, a few new CK bits and pieces will be added to my collection 😊. Here are my 3 latest additions:

iPhone 6 case with card slots - £20

Little Leaves Zip Purse- £6

Painted Rose Frame Washbag- £20
I love these three! Let’s look at each one in turn…

I have been waiting for AGES for CK to release an iPhone 6 case that wasn’t just a hard shell that only protects back of phone. I know some of the hard backing cases sport…

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