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33 Year Old Tinder Date

Dating Documented

As many of you know, I do not date older guys. Throughout my dating years I have been on very few dates with older men (which I consider 29+). Although, lately I have been catching myself checking out older men. I am curious about them and want to explore the dating world in a wider range. So that brings me to my date I had this past weekend.

We matched on Tinder several weeks back, when I first created the account. He appeared to be very handsome in his photographs, possessed a quirky bio and had the most adorable puppy. We began to talk and probably after a day of back and forth Tinder-messaging I noticed that he may be a little crazy/ clingy… Curiosity out-ruled this observation and I continued to talk to him. We finally found a time to go out and there I went.

I am unsure how to…

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