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Let’s Talk: Microships

Sublunar Reflections

Somewhere on the abyss of the Internet I discovered a new word: Microship.

As I’ve come to understand it, a microship is a relationship that falls somewhere between friends with benefits and a proper commitment. It’s not just friends with a physical connection; it includes an emotional element too. Just not one that’s necessarily exclusive or fully developed.

It’s become common practice for twentysomethings and millennials to invent words for their behaviors. “Sext” wasn’t a word until texting became popularized circa the mid-2000s and “chatting” only came into daily use with the rise of Snapchat in 2011.

And all of these new words are, of course, preferable to actually defining a relationship by the old terms. Gone are the days of “going steady” or simply “dating.” Even the definition of “friends with benefits” has gotten a little murky!

No, instead of defining our relationships for what they actually are…

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