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Things I Ask Myself While Online Dating

Rosie Culture

  1. Is it weird that they asked me out on a date before they even got my number?
  2. Why does it put me off so much when the first thing they ask is where I live?
  3. Is it rude to start ignoring them cause they’re boring?
  4. Is it rude to ignore them in the first place?
  5. Why do the words “want to chat?” creep me out so much?
  6. Is it weird that they ask for my number instantly?
  7. Why do you look cute in some of your pictures, but not others?
  9. How do I keep this conversation going?
  10. What kind of drink would I order if we went to get drinks?
  11. Why would you message me if you live 5,000 miles away?
  12. Why can’t I find you on Google?
  13. Am I just bored or actually trying to date someone?
  14. Are my pictures cute?
  15. Am I cute?

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