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Delicious Ambiguity

J Seeks Joy

Last week I was texting a friend and we talked for a minute about planning life.

Growing up, you believe everything is formulaic and logically follows a sequence. And it is that way for a long time. The option to not make choices is a luxury you don’t appreciate until it’s long gone. Tweet this

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    • No problem. It’s such a relatable post. I remember coming to the realization that the Type A in me couldn’t truly plan out my entire life. At first I thought it was a bad thing. Now I understand just how wonderful it is.


      • Thanks! I’m a recovering Type A. I love it when a good plan comes together but not everything in life in plan-able and I’m learning to embrace the things that are spontaneous and unexpected and quite frankly wondrous.

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      • I will be using the phrase “recovering Type A” in the future and I promise to credit you when I do!


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