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Breakin’ Up Is Easy To Do



There are a lot of bad relationships that currently exist. There are some that aren’t “bad,” but they have no desire to remain in the relationship. Easy solution, right? Just break up. Most will agree that it is easier said than done. Here are a few tips that may help you get through it.

1. Make a pros and cons list



A REAL list. Take a few hours or a whole day to think about EVERYTHING that should go on both sides of the list. If you’re not sure about the break-up this may be a big help in the decision process.

2. Don’t be a coward



If you’re delaying the break-up because you’re afraid you may hurt the other person’s feelings then you’re only prolonging the inevitable. You can’t read their mind, which means you have no idea how they’re going to react. If you’re lucky it will be mutual. If it’s not, then there isn’t much you can do about their feelings. Do them (and yourself) a favor and get it over with!

3. Get out all of your frustration



…before the discussion. This is great to do if there are no hard feelings, you wish to remain friends, and the other person didn’t partake in any foul play (cheating, lying, stealing, etc.). This will make it easier for you to avoid any “passionate” moments that may turn into a dispute.

4. Create a relaxed environment



Don’t preface the conversation with a “we need to talk,” followed by awkwardly coming together to have the discussion. Treat it like any other conversation. Relax, kick back, drink a little wine or beer, and just talk. Allow the conversation to progress. Engage your conversationalist to see where their head is at and ease into the topic.

5. Think about what you want to say



You don’t have to outline the entire conversation, but consider what you want to cover: how you want to begin, your main point, and the resolution you would like. Take the time to explore why the relationship isn’t good for you AND them. This may make it easier for both of you to be compassionate and understanding.


    • It is definitely easier said than done (haha). Preparation makes it a little easier. It is certainly not fun, but in the modern world of dating it’s a skill worth developing.

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