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DIY Estate Planning: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

The Millennial Lawyer


An abundance of information is at our fingertips. Any question we have can be answered by a few strokes on a keyboard. With all of that information readily available, it is no surprise that the DIY movement has exploded.

I personally am a huge fan of do-it-yourself crafts. My pinterest board is full of wreaths and how to repurpose furniture. While I will try my hand at a craft in a heartbeat, I would never follow a DIY on something that requires a professional, like plumbing or electrical. Everyday though, somebody somewhere thinks instead of hiring a professional, they can handle the job.

Including DIY legal documents.

People tell themselves, “How hard can it really be to get a will?” I can print it off the internet, have it signed and notarized, and BOOM, I’m covered. Cheap, Quick, and Easy.

Cheap, quick, and easy does not always equate to “legal and…

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