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My Daily Bread // Family Chili Recipe.

Ordinary Adventures

It’s that time of year. Your Christmas tree is probably up, most of the Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten through, and possibly, there’s a little bit of snow on the ground. For me, two of those things are true,still no snow days for me yet!

But even if none of those things are true, you cannot go wrong with chili.

If I thought my last time in the kitchen was bad, then this time is in a category all it’s own. I have to admit, getting the hang of cooking is much harder than it looks! Getting all the right ingredients, preparing the food successfully, everything running smoothly, at the same/correct time, and then coming out deliciously? Much harder said then done.

But, I learn something new every time. This time around I found out just how important it is to have simple recipes when you don’t cook often. One…

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