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vegan fall cookies || cranberry almond chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

she be kale-in' it


i totally had these vegan cookies for lunch. no shame. paired with a glass of cold almond milk these fresh from the oven cookies were packed with flavor, were chewy, delicious, + pretty healthy, too.

they reminded me of cranberry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies i used to eat in connecticut at my family’s bakery. here’s the recipe- it’s a MUST try. i’m pretty proud of myself for putting it together using healthy ingredients such as cranberry, almond, oatmeal, pepitas, + spices. i used whole wheat flour rather than all purpose + coconut sugar rather than white refined sugars.

they are also easily adapted to gluten free by swapping the oats + flour to gluten free varieties.

oatmeal cranberry almond cookie

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