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Overcoming the Fear of Investing

Generation Y Retirement Account

Looking at that blue pool, you think you might drown…

But you get some help to put on those orange swim floaties & start kicking those legs in the water to complete a full lap

Staring at that big brick building called “school,” you wonder how you will do in a brand new environment for a day…

But your mom (or dad, brother, sister, nanny, babysitter, etc.) grabs your hand, walks you in, and your kindergarten teacher flashes you the biggest smile

Watching people cruise down the pavement on their shiny bikes, you contemplate how you will ever be able to learn to ride a bike without falling…

But you start by using those sturdy training wheels until you have the comfort to coast on down the park pathways

Checking out the full plate in front of you as you sit at the kitchen table at your friend’s house, you…

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