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Happy Fry-Day!

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With one blog post I am going to make your Friday go from Fri-Day to Fry-Yay! You heard it here first Perth-ites… Lord of the Fries is bringing it’s delicious fries with a side of burgers to the people of Perth! That’s right! After months of requests, the Lords will be opening the doors to their first West Coast store in late 2015. Although I can’t tell you the exact date or location just yet, I can tell you that it will be in the Perth CBD and by following you will be the first to hear all about the new store and  grand opening! If you’re not familiar with the Lords, the idea was born from late night snack excursions in 2004, where founders Mark and Mandy met while living in Taiwan. Their love of fries (and each other) drew them closer, while their conscience led them to look for alternate solutions to the chemical and beef tallow laden options on the market. They were seeking perfection in the form of golden and crunchy fries that used…

vegan fall cookies || cranberry almond chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

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i totally had these vegan cookies for lunch. no shame. paired with a glass of cold almond milk these fresh from the oven cookies were packed with flavor, were chewy, delicious, + pretty healthy, too. they reminded me of cranberry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies i used to eat in connecticut at my family’s bakery. here’s the recipe- it’s a MUST try. i’m pretty proud of myself for putting it together using healthy ingredients such as cranberry, almond, oatmeal, pepitas, + spices. i used whole wheat flour rather than all purpose + coconut sugar rather than white refined sugars. they are also easily adapted to gluten free by swapping the oats + flour to gluten free varieties. //autumn inspired vegan oatmeal cookies// 1 cup organic rolled oats – used bob’s red mill 3/4 cup whole wheat flour 1/3 cup coconut sugar 1 tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp. salt 1/3 cup pure maple syrup 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp vanilla extract (also can substitute almond to bring out a more almond flavor) 1…

the buddha bowl || 5 steps to creating a quick, well-rounded vegan dish.

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i have learned a couple things since becoming vegan. here is what i know to be true: you can not survive without a high speed blender / food processor. seriously, i use it for EVERYTHING you can pretty much get rid of every plate you own, (yes, dramatic, I don’t advise it) but i do feel like everything is in a bowl. or a mason jar if you are anything like me. there is the smoothie bowl. salad bowl. rice and bean bowl….. you will buy bananas in bulk. you will become obsessed with all varieties of seeds. sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, chia. seeds seem to sneak their way into everything. whether blended or as a garnish – these little guys are always welcome in a plant based kitchen. which brings me to the construction of a “buddha” or “glow” bowl. they are flooding pinterest + i love them. colorful + tasty, they combine all the meal essentials you need in one nutritious, filling bowl of flavorful goodness. let…