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Life Lessons You Should’ve Learned from Playing Dodgeball

There are many life lessons to take away from childhood games…

Twister taught strategy.

Bop it! taught the importance of paying attention. It even demonstrated how things in life can go by quickly, and you may lose an opportunity to “win” if you don’t pay attention. 

Monopoly taught one of the many ways the rich get rich (and how to alienate friends).

Then there’s dodgeball. I think you see where I’m going with this. If not, sit back, relax, and read.

The game of dodgeball is like opportunities. There are three lessons to take away from dodgeball:

1. The opposition OR life obstacles

In life we all encounter “haters,” people who try to get ahead by holding you back (or getting you out), or who just want to keep you down so they can stay in the game. These people (and life) with throw many obstacles your way. Then there are the people who are…

2. Your teammates OR your support system

These are the people who are on your side. They want to see you succeed and realize that by helping/allowing you to succeed we all win. It’s like the acronym says, Together Everyone Achieves More.

They stop people and obstacles that stand in your way. This can include responsibilities, previous opportunities, and good decisions.

I included responsibilities they can have a big impact. For example, paying your bills is inevitable and important. Avoiding them won’t make them go away, it will just create a future obstacle called bad credit. As for previous opportunities, something like going to college or networking can make all the difference. Finally, making good decisions…pretty self explanatory. If you’re not sure why, inbox me and we’ll chat about PLDs.

3. Getting out OR when life gets you down

Once you’re hit by one of those life obstacles (the ball) you may have to sit out until a team member can get you back in. Even if you lose that game, remember there’s always another game to be played (or another opportunity around the corner).

Now go and live your dodgeball life!

I know, you’re thinking this is the foundation for a great TED talk. If you’re not, you should be. When I win, you win. If you have any tips, suggestions, or additions share below or email gumblogging@gmail.com.

G.U.M Team

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