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A College Student’s Dilemma: Plans After College

It’s been 3 weeks since the school semester started once again. Being a college student isn’t all that fun especially when you’re taking 6 classes(!!!) this semester and I must admit, I had my fair share of great experiences in college, but it hit me that this is my second to last semester before I’m truly done with my Bachelor’s degree. Juggling 6 classes and having to work a lot and also wanting to have a social life (with many more adventures to do) is SO HECTIC. Let alone, I’ve never even taken 5 or 6 classes before this semester and I have so much blogging I would love to do but I am trying hard to find all the time to do it. I tell myself that I will tire myself hustling and try to catch my breath and let this be just 4 months of a little bit of pain… Meanwhile, this post is already taking a different route once again from my usual adventure/travel stories on my blog since I don’t usually…

Why We Have HSAs and You Should Too!

Originally posted on Millennials making cents of money:
Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are one of the most misunderstood parts of employee benefits today. HSAs are individually owned bank accounts that work in conjunction with your health plan – your health plan does have to be HSA compatible, traditionally referred to as high deductible health plans (HDHP). Don’t be afraid of ‘high deductible’ – yes, we understand that you could pay more out of pocket. But hopefully, as a healthy young person, you don’t have high out of pocket health care costs.  And if you do, simply save your receipts and pay yourself back at any time. We covered a lot of the basic HSA info in an earlier post, check it out here. Sp why do we think it’s a good financial move for millennials to have an HSA? You get tax-deferred treatment! Be aware of the annual limits, but any money you contribute (through employee payroll deductions or direct deposits) are eligible deductions. Your HSA stays with you when you change jobs, so you…

Dazed and Confused at 22

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
Your 20’s are so damn confusing that it’s even hard to explain why it’s so confusing. Things started getting pretty complicated in the teen years. You are experiencing new things, new feelings, and growing up. You feel too young, but sometimes you feel too old. How you are at age 13 majorly differs from how you are at age 19. But nothing is really expected from you. Yeah, you need to figure out what you’re doing after high school and you have to maybe get a part time job and maybe go to college. But when you turn 20, you’re already well into college and figuring everything out. Your path finally seems clear and you’ve settled into something. Then you turn 21 and all of a sudden you can go to all of these bars and buy your own alcohol. But you’re also inching closer to graduation. Things start to get a little blurry. Then you turn 22 and you need to decide EVERYTHING. Are you getting your masters? Are…

And So, I Quit (one of my jobs that is)

Originally posted on F R E E D O M:
If you’re wondering where I’ve been, well. I was busy working then quitting one of my jobs. I’d explored the perks of having two or more jobs in a previous post, I’d since gained more insights on my work life and potential career path for myself (yes, I still have no idea what I want to do with my life at the ripe old age of almost 26…) and the route explored with this particular company was again, not my passion. Although I have to say, this job I’d just left introduced me to a wide range of extremely cool people, it was also more trouble than it was worth and I’m proud to say, I’ve learned from my manager and her manager and the higher up command, how to NOT manage a company. Even if I’m just a lowly employee – there are things I cannot tolerate – such as not treating even your lowly employees with respect (if there’s no respect, then there’s no…

Decisions, Decisions….

Originally posted on A Monologue of the Heart.:
Every action that we take Creates a reaction for the make Taking us on a path Of scenic routes or hell’s wrath. “Do I stay or do I go?” “Be like water, trust the flow?” “Will I like the path I choose?” “Will I win or will I lose?” Questions lurk in opportunity Fear is cloaked in security Outcomes may be best in thought Missing answers in blind spots. While the mind is loud in worry The heart is speaking in a hurry To try to quiet the void noise And help us make the right choice.  “You have made intentions clear Let go of all doubts and fears Just let go, I’ll lead the way Trust in all of the words you pray.”

The Rat Race.

Originally posted on Heart of a Traveller:
Two months ago, I was about to graduate and super excited about my upcoming gap year. I had plans to volunteer at schools in Vietnam, to get my PADI diving licence in Thailand, and to work on my freelance portfolio while I was at it. I wanted to take my time exploring the places that intrigued me. And then I got offered an internship. A two-month editorial internship in Singapore, the kind of thing that someone with my degree is ‘expected’ to do once they graduate, and I got stuck. I didn’t see giving up this internship as an option; it was a great opportunity to gain experience and to get some more print pieces published. Plus, I told myself, it would give me some more time to plan out the rest of my gap year, to really go do what I want; travel. With this plan in mind, I started my internship. I was happy working during the day and planning my upcoming trips at night, that…

Life Lessons You Should’ve Learned from Playing Dodgeball

There are many life lessons to take away from childhood games… Twister taught strategy. Bop it! taught the importance of paying attention. It even demonstrated how things in life can go by quickly, and you may lose an opportunity to “win” if you don’t pay attention.  Monopoly taught one of the many ways the rich get rich (and how to alienate friends). Then there’s dodgeball. I think you see where I’m going with this. If not, sit back, relax, and read. The game of dodgeball is like opportunities. There are three lessons to take away from dodgeball: 1. The opposition OR life obstacles In life we all encounter “haters,” people who try to get ahead by holding you back (or getting you out), or who just want to keep you down so they can stay in the game. These people (and life) with throw many obstacles your way. Then there are the people who are… 2. Your teammates OR your support system These are the people who are on your side. They want to see you succeed …