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Join the Team

Think you would make a great addition to the G.U.M Team? Below is a list of the positions we’re looking to fill. Fill out the form below or email us at Media Relations & Publicity Director Communications Director Website Administrators Sales & Merchandise Manager Staff Writers Click here to find out more detail on each one.  

Traveluxblog | Moritz & Sabrina

We’re both students and “suffer” from chronic wanderlust. Thus, we travel passionately as often as we can – mostly on weekends, but also during university vacations. We change hotels in each city every night so that we can see and experience as much as possible. We are more the adventurous type, so real beach vacations are pretty much nonexistent. But not adventurous enough to relinquish Wi-Fi during our travels, as we want to share our impressions of hotels or cities as fast as we can on our blog! While we do not prefer just metropolises or just small villages, but a good mix of everything, we usually stay at five star properties.

Help Others as they will help you

Originally posted on MiddleMe:
Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? Of course, you do. If you see the same thing happened in the news, your first reaction probably be why no one is helping the fallen old man. If the old man is someone in your neighborhood, you might ask around to see if he is alright. If the old man is injured and requires donation for medical aid, you will be reaching for your wallet right now. But why don’t we applied the same empathy in our workplace? I’m sure if a colleague spill coffee on herself, you’ll quickly pulled a few tissues and offer her. But the help I’m implying is assistance in the work involved. One of my friend, Emily once gleefully told me that her colleague in the same sales team is not making the cut this year and probably will lose her bonus, if not her job. Another of my friend, Anna who joined an American data procurement company as a sales executive beginning of this year, quit…

Life Lessons You Should’ve Learned from Playing Dodgeball

There are many life lessons to take away from childhood games… Twister taught strategy. Bop it! taught the importance of paying attention. It even demonstrated how things in life can go by quickly, and you may lose an opportunity to “win” if you don’t pay attention.  Monopoly taught one of the many ways the rich get rich (and how to alienate friends). Then there’s dodgeball. I think you see where I’m going with this. If not, sit back, relax, and read. The game of dodgeball is like opportunities. There are three lessons to take away from dodgeball: 1. The opposition OR life obstacles In life we all encounter “haters,” people who try to get ahead by holding you back (or getting you out), or who just want to keep you down so they can stay in the game. These people (and life) with throw many obstacles your way. Then there are the people who are… 2. Your teammates OR your support system These are the people who are on your side. They want to see you succeed …