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The College Student’s Guide To Studying Abroad

TRVL 101


Every college student dreams of studying abroad (or at least they should). I mean why not? Doing exactly what they’re doing at their home college, but abroad! I’ve been presented with an extensive list of excuses why not to study abroad; price, FOMO (fear of missing out), fear in general, etc, etc. It’s all BS. College should be a time to step outside of your comfort zone. This includes studying abroad. I’ve created this guide to provide a step-by-step analysis to getting yourself where you want to be.

Choosing a Program

The first thing you need to think about is ‘what are your academic goals?’ Are you interested in a semester, year, or break abroad? Are you interested in receiving Major related credit? Minor related credit? General education credit?

Do you have a specific country you’re interested in going to? These are all questions you need to seriously…

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