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My First Day of Third Grade

Originally posted on Nothing Was Said:
I survived my first day of third grade, for the second time in my life. The difference is that this time I wasn’t the awkward new kid coming in in the middle of the year. This time I was the awkward new teacher coming in the day before Day 1 and pretending to be in charge. I think I still managed to fool them. This was my third first-day-of-school since I finished school… for three years I’ve done something I never thought I’d get into. Teaching is supposed to be a calling, not a temporary fling. Right? I really missed the boat on that one. But this school is good. So good. Scary good. The kids are smart, respectful, and eager. (Who are these people??) The teachers are enthusiastic, supportive, and intelligent. (And who are these people??) The parents are …parents. But they’re nice parents, generous parents, reasonable parents. (Am I even awake right now?!) I am masterful at jumping the gun, so seeing as it’s only the end of…

The Pros and Cons of Event Work

Last week I worked 12 hours as a bar staff worker for a festival in North London. I got the job through an events agency, which typically post events throughout the year (mostly in Summer) that you can sign up and work. You get paid minimum wage, work long hours on your feet, have to deal with difficult and often irate drunk people and if you’re lucky you’ll get two fifteen minute breaks. But on the plus side, you will make around £80-90, you will make friends, you will gain experience and you’ll be forced to be physically active. If you want to make a bit of extra cash or your employment history is noticeably blank and you’re willing to try anything, here is my list of pros and cons to consider before you attempt this line of work.

A Girl Packing for India – The List I Wish I Would Have Had

Originally posted on Voyaging Ventures:
When I started packing for my first international trip, I made so many mistakes! I am still not an expert, but I have learned so much from India! I want to make sure that you do not make the mistakes I did. Before I get to the actual packing list I wish I had used, let me tell you a few packing tips to make your life easier! Pre-pack: I cannot stress this enough- Pack everything in the suitcases you are using just like you will for the trip two weeks ahead of time! This will give you an excuse to get everything you need early, see how much your bags weigh, and help you adjust what you are bringing. Have a small carry on and personal item: Running through the German airport and almost missing my flight was terrible. I wish I would have just had my backpack and a duffel bag, so take it from me if you have short layovers and are unfamiliar with the international airports…

I Attempted To Vlog!? // New Video

Originally posted on ISOBEL FRANCES:
Hi everyone! Long time no speak! I hope you are well and enjoying the end of the summer holidays if you’re a student like myself. I for one, am excited and a half about autumn/winter (starting year 13? not so much) Anyway, the reason I’ve been absent over the past few days is because I travelled up to Reading (all by myself, how brave of me) to stay with my sister for the weekend. She goes to uni there and so I went up to stay in her new house! We had a super fun weekend and I actually vlogged one of the days where we went shopping, ate out for lunch and spent the evening watching films. Sorry if I seem a bit awkward throughout the video – I feel really weird filming in front of people and especially in public so I may have seemed a bit quiet etc. I hope you enjoy the video anyway! Daily vlogging is definitely something I’d love to get better at so hopefully…

Officially enrolling! EXCITED!

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Today I could finally officially enrol at the University of York! YES, I was so excited when I got the mail. I basically get incredibly excited every time I hear something from uni. But this is so awesome; I’ve now got my student email account and something even better: I get to see my timetable! I can now see all the lectures I’ll have for the entire year! I can’t yet see workshops and tutorials, but they will come later. It feels so real right now. Like, I am a student and I know when to go to my first lecture… SO REAL! I also got some welcome booklets from the university in the post, so I’m very happy! I just can’t wait for it all to finally begin! 🙂 Have a nice day!

Day 10: Lunch and Dinner

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?? Chipotle has a BOGO deal! I enjoyed it very much today! I ordered a salad with steak and a bunch of other sides only adding up to 600 dollars! That’s not the best part, since my portion was so huge I was ended up having some left over and eating the other half for dinner! Did you know the burrito tortilla itself is around 300 calories itself? That’s a lot of calories!? For the big one get one deal just simply go to chipotle’s friend or faux page, take a trivia quiz, enter your phone number, then, well… Just wait for the text! ???

9 Days!

Originally posted on Nerdy Chronicles:
I haven’t posted in 9 days! Illinois Illinois weather has been really sucky the past 9 days. Rainy, cloudy, and cold. I don’t usually mind but it is the summer and I am at school with no one so it is pretty depressing to be stuck inside while it rains all day. Today, however, the sun came out and so I was very excited to take a good panoramic picture of the sunset from my balcony! (; First real sunset in a while! They come and go so quick here! 12 minutes after the above picture!! The sky is amazing. Class It has been a busy 9 days! My second exam is tomorrow so I have been studying a lot. I think I slacked off a bit in paying attention during class for this material – mostly because I was so bored since it was a lot of “information dumps” (as my professor calls them) and memorizing. I’ve been forcing myself to study really hard for this exam. I feel…