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Just Get Rid of the Debt Already…

I know of so many people that refuse to tackle their student loan debt because they don’t feel that it’s their responsibility to do so. Some of the reasons, include:

  1. “I never got to work in the field that I studied so why should I pay back the debt?” (you and 70% of the population…welcome to LIFE)
  2. “They should have never lent me that much money. Nobody told me it would be this hard. So why should I pay it back?” (you are an adult so start acting like one)
  3. “I’ll just earn the bare minimum so the government can pay for my interest while I reduce my principal.” (so you’re going to let student loans dictate your career plans as well…)
  4. “I’ll just wait 6 or 7 years then apply for bankruptcy.” (bankruptcy is not your answer, work is)


I know I am coming off as snarky but…

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