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Home Alone is 25 Years Old! Here is a Delightful Oral History

The Nostalgia Blog

This is a delightful oral history of what I think is safe to say my generation’s all time favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone (all due respect to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation).

The piece is written by James Hughes (son of Home Alone writer, John Hughes) for Chicago magazine which is fitting as the film took place “on the most boring street in the whole United States of America, where nothing even remotely dangerous will ever happen.” which happens to be in Chicago.

If you aren’t familiar with oral histories, they are in my opinion the best way to recount stories (especially in the entertainment industry). The reason they are so good is that it is the people involved just recount their versions of what happens which usually makes for a more interesting read.

The article is full of fun anecdotes and delightful stories, so please, grab a whole cheese pizza…

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