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I’d like to say I’m sorry…

the hoe handbook

Dear Professors,

I’m sorry for not trying as hard as I should have.  I genuinely enjoy each and every one of your classes and would have loved to give them my all this semester (yes, I actually like school), but alas, pledging had other ideas.  I know it’s not an excuse because other people have serious time commitments and still find time to give their academics 100%, but I was simply not prepared for the physical and mental exhaustion that would come from just having one more activity on my plate.  I promise I will try my best to end this semester on a high note, but thank you for working with me.  Most importantly, thank you for buying my bullshit and giving me extra points when I did not really deserve them.

Dear My Boys (who live with),

I’m sorry for looking like shit all the time.  I haven’t…

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