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Mindfulness: dig deeper, there’s more to just ‘I don’t care!’


When you imagine someone say, “I don’t care!”, what’s the first image that pops into your head?

A spoiled child?

A unreasonable teen?

A heartbroken young adult?

Or a middle aged paper pusher experiencing mid-life crisis?

Whatever scenario came to mind, now think about this. What would the person in the situation do?

The likely answer, in the case of a child and the teen, throw a tantrum, be reprimanded for said tantrum – the heartbroken young adult, tell him or herself to get it together, then move on – and in the case of the middle aged paper pusher, convince him or herself this is just how life is and keep it together for the sake of the ‘bigger picture’.

However, if you look at all of these scenarios, what is it that they’re all missing?

We could of course, throw the catch all phrase – ‘these people need…

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