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Traveluxblog | Moritz & Sabrina

Moritz and SabrinaWe’re both students and “suffer” from chronic wanderlust. Thus, we travel passionately as often as we can – mostly on weekends, but also during university vacations. We change hotels in each city every night so that we can see and experience as much as possible. We are more the adventurous type, so real beach vacations are pretty much nonexistent. But not adventurous enough to relinquish Wi-Fi during our travels, as we want to share our impressions of hotels or cities as fast as we can on our blog! While we do not prefer just metropolises or just small villages, but a good mix of everything, we usually stay at five star properties.


We review and rate luxury hotels, airlines and lounges (mostly airport). Moreover, we write guides for airports and for transportation for cities we’ve already been to. Basically, we want to give others/other travelers a good idea of how the city/airport/hotel is and what is best to do there. For that purpose, we also created city pages. See an example here.

As we usually publish two posts a day, we write about the past week on Sunday nights to summarize it all. We mainly want to share our experiences, but also want to be helpful for others who travel to the same or similar destinations. Our aim is to be very reader-friendly and to make our posts clear. Our blog is very picture-heavy with all taken by ourselves, unless otherwise stated.

What we do accept, but only had (rarely) in the last months, are guest writers! Feel free to contact us if you have something that you think fits into our blog. 🙂

What was the last book you read without skipping any pages?
To be honest, I never skip any page when I decide to read a book – step by step, page by page, even when I’m too excited about the ongoing to be really patient 🙂

If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen?
Difficult one. I guess I would have loved to watch the first plane ever to take off and fly. And then see the progress and difference to today.

What was your biggest passion when you were a child/teenager?
Definitely horseback riding. I spent every free minute with horses and I still do, even though the way there takes about an hour oneway since I moved. But it’s so worth it!


What is one of the weirdest things you used to do as a teenager?
It’s not really weird, but I’ve actually was a pro-gamer when I was younger. I attended several events throughout Germany playing football – on the computer.

Where’s your favorite place to blog?
My computer. I love traveling, but while everyone is going crazy about laptops and blogging from all over the world, I still prefer blogging at home on my computer with a real keyboard and a large screen.

What was your first cellphone?
My first real (own) cellphone was actually a smartphone. I’d say I was kind of a pioneer as I was the first guy in my year who had a phone with a touchscreen – HTC Touch Diamond.

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