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Adventures in New York – The Last Few Days

A Venturing Girl









What a week it’s been. Seeing New York city with the people I love has been incredible. Looks like I wasn’t the only one there last week, I noticed Tanya Burr herself was at the UN conference promoting her Global Goals campaign!

After a long journey we got home on Sunday feeling exhausted, jet lagged and a bit stuffy but so happy with our time away.

For anyone who is interested in going to the Big Apple here are my travel tips:

1. Don’t over plan: I love to plan things to death but when you’re in a city like New York you have to be flexible. The weather can change or you could stumble on something that you thought you’d skim over but end up spending hours at. Give yourself the space to let the city surprise you.

2. Invest in Hand Sanitizer: I never really understood the necessity…

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      • Thank you. It’s one of my favourite things about blogging and particularly GUM actually, just full of new perspectives and yeah, totally living vicariously through others!


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