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Social Media – The Necessary Evil


Social media – the blessing of my life and the bane of my life. The first part of the article is here if you have not read it yet. I’m going to explain further why social media is a detriment to productivity as I found out the hard way. I was on social media Twitter, Facebook and WeChat at 9 yesterday in the morning, with the intention of wanting to do a quick check and update on some of the stuff I read online the day before. Happily lounging on my couch, still in my pj, scrolling furiously at my Twitter to see if I missed any news when the good old trusty tummy start to rumble “Hungry. Feed. Me.”

waiting-410328_640I looked up and to the shock of my life, it’s 12 in the afternoon! I have just wasted my half of my day on social media!!  During those 3…

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