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Chameleon Soul | Anna Lei


My name is Anna Lei. I work full-time as a creative in the fashion industry and write culture, music and entertainment articles for various magazines on the side. My blog mostly features my personal style with bits of my photography, poetry and music interests sprinkled in. I’ve eaten burritos for three days now and show no signs of stopping. Kanye West is my favorite human.

Chameleon Soul

Fashion, Style, Photography, Music, Poetry

My blog is just a platform for me to showcase my personal style and creative work. It’s kind of my safe haven where I can be completely myself and create what I want, when I want.


What was the last book you read?
Door Wide Open: A Beat Love Affair in Letters, 1957-1958 by Joyce Johnson

How did you meet your best friend?
In London. A mutual poetry professor we both had at separate times told him he needed to befriend me since we were both studying abroad in London at the same time so he introduced himself to me by saying, “Johannes told me that we should be friends.” And now we are soulmates.

What age do you feel right now?
For some reason, I always feel 18.

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  1. I have never followed anyone who works in the fashion industry so I am interested to know what tips and posts on fashion that you will be posting. Your blog already sounds like it will be exciting from this one post. Good luck with the whole blogging experience and welcome to our blogging community! Hope you stay here for extremely long. 🙂


  2. Oh man, I don’t have a blogspot account! I will check her blog out though. I misunderstood and thought she was taking over your blog, sorry! Xx


    • It’s a-okay. Your comment made us aware of yet another millennial blogger. You. Thanks for commenting! Feel free to stick around and check out some of the other featured bloggers.

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      • Aw that’s so sweet! I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I am enjoying reading yours at the moment. I will check out your other bloggers. How do you find such brilliant bloggers? Do you look for them yourselves and share them on yours? If so, that’s pretty cool 🙂 x


      • Yes! That’s our purpose. We wanted to create a site that would condense millennial bloggers into one location for others to find. So we dedicate our time to finding bloggers and reblogging posts to share with the community. Occasionally we share a few ourselves. Glad you like it. Hope you find a few worth following!


      • That’s so amazing! I love how it is easier to find great blogs this way instead of always coming across spam. It’s great that you spend your time doing this :). & I am finding lots that are a joy to read! ♡


      • I put a lot of bloggers I like in my awards posts. I have linked the category on my about me page so you can check those out through there 🙂 Also, I would love it if you could look around my blog. Let me know if there is anything that you enjoy reading as it would be an honour to be on your blog with all those amazing bloggers 🙂 ♡


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