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An Open Letter to Everyone

Black Millennials

I am deeply in Love with Black People. And that makes me dangerous.

My Love for Black People is not like regular love. My Love isn’t like the love I have for Harry Potter, hot sauce, or beer.

My Love for Black People is something else entirely — rooted in an ancestral well of cultural traditions and decentralized mythologies that I will never have the capacity to holistically understand. My Love for Black People is a Love that I can’t, in this moment, explore with brevity, thoroughness, or accuracy.

My Love for Black People comes from my Love of Blackness. Where whiteness is a system of destruction, Blackness is a celestial spirit of Connection, Resiliency, Resistance, Majesty, Artistry, and overall Cultural Craftsmanship. Blackness does not need whiteness for its ethereal existence, and thrives in spite of it. Whiteness relies on Blackness for its survival.

Ironically, as Blackness thrives in its…

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