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Why I Must be a Better Citizen

Originally posted on Travel Bugg :
? It happened. The thing we all laughed about, but no one took seriously. The thing that was too tinted by a surreal, orange haze to be considered a true threat. We elected a candidate whose rhetoric is openly misogynistic, racist and xenophobic, who is largely unfit to be president. What were we thinking? This isn’t the America we all know and love. Except it is. The current rhetoric is not new. It is not special to this election and it negatively affects millions of neighbors around the world in their day-to-day lives. We are all joking about moving to Canada to sing kumbaya with Justin Trudeau and the mounties, but the thing is, we can make those jokes. In most parts of the world, if your leader sucks, you can’t just leave. You don’t have a universal passport to get you to a safer, less stressful place. You have to go through miles of desert or years of legal paperwork. You have to get on an overcrowded boat, even…

Throwback Thursdays! “Everlong” by Foo Fighters

Originally posted on The Nostalgia Blog:
This is one of the few songs by a band that I feel in general I can say both die-hard and casual fans agree is their best song. It’s one of Foo Fighters best videos, it’s a great rock song and it has a pretty great acoustic version as well. I thought I was gonna say more about this but it turns out that I am not. Enjoy the video!

An Open Letter to Everyone

Originally posted on Black Millennials:
I am deeply in Love with Black People. And that makes me dangerous. My Love for Black People is not like regular love. My Love isn’t like the love I have for Harry Potter, hot sauce, or beer. My Love for Black People is something else entirely — rooted in an ancestral well of cultural traditions and decentralized mythologies that I will never have the capacity to holistically understand. My Love for Black People is a Love that I can’t, in this moment, explore with brevity, thoroughness, or accuracy. My Love for Black People comes from my Love of Blackness. Where whiteness is a system of destruction, Blackness is a celestial spirit of Connection, Resiliency, Resistance, Majesty, Artistry, and overall Cultural Craftsmanship. Blackness does not need whiteness for its ethereal existence, and thrives in spite of it. Whiteness relies on Blackness for its survival. Ironically, as Blackness thrives in its innovation and adaptation, whiteness adapts to encroach upon it. Whiteness takes the parts of Blackness that can be manufactured and…

The Scary Gangsters of South Central Los Angeles

Originally posted on BLK GRRRL BOOK FAIR:
By Teka Lark In South Central Los Angeles there is a gang war going on, but not the one they are writing about. There will be #100days100nights of terror, because every day a person gets foreclosed on in South Central. Everyday a person loses their job and every day someone joins the ranks of our over 50,000 homeless. Houses in Watts are creeping towards $300.000 houses on the old Eastside of South L.A. are creeping towards $500,000. Those areas area in Los Angeles are prime investment spots. South LA is close to downtown LA, by the freeways, the beach and by the University of Southern California. The story here isn’t so much different than the stories unfolding in Detroit, Oakland, San Francisco and New York. The banks, the developers and the politicians —they pay, want people in South Central out of their houses. We vote too much, we talk too much and we ask too many questions. This isn’t some random gang war, violence is never random and…

Road Twenty-Two

Since we live in a culture that likes to harp on the negative, I thought I’d post a little positivity. Fif Ghobadian is the CEO of an upcoming organizations called Road Twenty-Two. Here’s a snippet from their website about their purpose: At Road Twenty-Two we are committed to employing women in the United States who need a chance. We want to humanize the image of the women who were formerly incarcerated, homeless, or suffering from substance abuse, and to break through employment road blocks. Our goal is to change people’s lives! The clothing is a little pricey, but it’s for a good cause. The website also includes profiles on some of the women that are apart of the organization. Find out more here. Pizza, Netflix, and Happiness. Mei.