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How Star Wars helps “generational cycles” make sense

So-Called Millennial

this is not my niece… this is a Google image… she is NOT a pink kind of girl.

My 5-year-old niece recently told my sister that her favorite color is black like Darth Vader and that she “isn’t a pink kind of girl anymore.” Another niece has a crush on Darth Vader, recently admiring him from a far at a trip to Disneyland. My 2-year-old nephew walks around the house humming the Imperial March “Darth Vader” song. “He’s obsessed,” says his mom. In light of my ongoing generational musings, I thought it was time to use pop culture inspiration for useful analysis. “Star Wiirrz,” as my son calls it, is his favorite movie (that he’s never seen). “The one with Loop Skywalker,” he says as he draws a giant circle in the air with his tiny finger.

Star Wars has no doubt captured the imagination of several generations. To indulge…

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