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Scrambling into the New Year

If time could have stood still for one week when the clock struck twelve on the 1st of January, maybe I actually would have brought in the new year with my shit together.

You Type-A’s are probably thinking:
You could’ve planned everything out during the week following up to the first.

This is where I’m going to use my “family visitation” and birthday card.

My birthday is, you guessed it, New Year’s Eve. Considering that it is a national party day, and a double holiday for me, I wasn’t doing any planning. As for the prior days, my parents were in town. My dad is fairly laid back. We could have gone to a few stores, ate good food, and chilled at my place and he would’ve been happy. My mom requires full entertainment until she’s tired. I didn’t mind, but it meant I wasn’t going to do any prepping before the new year.

Instead, I managed to wake up at 12:01 a.m, say, “Happy New Year,” and collapse back into my pillows.

Worth it.
Sort of.

Now, I find myself battling with the societal requirement to utilize the Gregorian calendar to accomplish my goals and my free spirited desire to stick it to the cultural “man” and use my own mythical calendar.

I’m self described as Type A doused in Type B.
Hopefully this brings clarity to my problem.

The most unfortunate factor is that time really refuses to sit still for even a mere five minutes. To make matters worse, somehow I’ve managed to be likable enough for people to want to spend time with me. Now my weekends are filling up and my workdays are already 12-14 hours long. I work in production. Sleep is barely my friend and my health concerns are still…concerns. As I try to get one element of my life “together” another is already happening.

Like my girl Mariah, I guess I’ll just have to be like everybody else.
It’s time for me to make my own warm tea.

I’m going to attempt to be productive for the next seven days. If I’m lucky, this will turn into a habit! Kudos to anyone who started their year in a grounded place. To everyone else, of reasonable mind, how do we get the year on track?

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