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My name’s Kali Hawlk, and I’m passionate about using my skills and abilities to help others achieve their goals and dreams. And I know what it takes! I built my own website up from scratch, going from absentmindedly blogging to an audience of two (thanks, Mom and Dad) to being named one of US News’ and World Report’s 37 Personal Finance Experts to Follow on Twitter. I achieved my dream of becoming a professional writer and I’ve learned that there’s nothing I can’t accomplish when it comes to creating and making the life I want. Now, I help creatives like you learn how to live mindfully and with intention so you can make more — of your money, your work, and your life.

Food Preppin’ like a Boss.

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Can you guess how I’ve been spending my holidays? Prepping my food for surgery of course. Seeing as I will be almost completely inactive for up to 8 weeks, I need to make sure I am prepared and focused to try and maintain my current weight. I have prepared my lunches for the entire recovery time, approximately 2-3 weeks. By then, I’m hoping I can be a little more mobile and start cooking for myself again. Until then though, I have boiled broccoli, capsicum, zucchini, onion, chicken and baked sweet potato to keep me fuelled with the right nutrition. I will continue to enjoy an egg white, spinach and tomato omelette in the mornings and then eat as routinely as possible at dinner time. As I will be staying with my parents, I can’t be too fussy- although they are very supportive of my eating habits and are more than happy to accommodate most of my requests. You will be seeing some?new, stomach satisfying recipes also. My dad is a…

8 reasons for staying in a job you hate

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It’s counterintuitive to think there’s any positive takeaway points from staying at an unfulfilling post. But, what do you do if you find yourself in such situation? Are you going to be focusing on the negatives and feeling miserable as each work day goes by? Of course not. Here are some tips on what you could do if you find yourself in such predicament. you get creative – you might not be passionate about your work anymore, but you’ll be passionate about your exit strategy! If there’s any motivator out there that gets people serious about turning their life around, it is knowing there’s a serious problem and they need to fix it ASAP. You’ll start thinking about your own exit strategy and best of all you’ll probably start coming up with all sorts of ideas until you find the one that works so you can quit with curtain dropping finality. Go all in exploring the alternatives! learn a lesson – everything in life is…