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The Importance of Taste

Originally posted on The Real Life:
Just one of our decadent breakfasts this week We Eat So Well …and I want to talk about it. After three or four days of consuming whatever the heck we fancied in Crested Butte—including an assortment of things we don’t usually eat, like ice cream and a bucket of fried chicken—it’s been nice to return to our whole foods-centric lifestyle. One of my favorite things (there are many) about Nick is his passion for making delicious meals from whole, organic, and nutritious ingredients. He’s really made a believer out of me. ? The man loves to thumb through vegetable-heavy cookbooks. Lately it’s been Simple Green Suppers (you might remember the kale salad and those roasted butternut squash + black bean quesadillas). We’re also huge fans of Thug Kitchen and anything written by Ottolenghi. When he gets excited about certain recipes, my gut reaction (ha) is Wait, there’s no block of cheese or pound of pasta in that! Old habits die hard. (Also, we still eat plenty of cheese and pasta.) The man assembling some…

Common Misconceptions When it Comes To Fat Loss

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Hi everyone! I wanted to address some misconceptions I hear often about fat loss. First, muscle is NOT built from fat.  Your body does NOT turn fat into muscle.  I hear this all the time– (Woman looking at her belly) “I really need to go do crunches because I want to have abs like you..” NO! You can honestly do crunches until your blue in the face, are you building muscle? Yes! BUT that muscle is still going to be buried under the adipose tissue.  In order to burn adipose tissue, or better known as the dreaded F-word, FAT, you must be in a caloric deficit! In order to do so, you must be stern with a diet and, usually, incorporate cardio into your routine.   the title to this Pin was “8 moves to lean, toned arms. im definitly trying these tomorrow need to loose the flab” It makes me giggle when I am on Pinterest and a pin (like the one shown) shows a before…

I Love My Fat Body

Originally posted on This Thing I Do:
This is my body. This is my body after it climbed a steep hill. This is my body after it climbed a steep hill halfway across the world in Czech wine country. This body is fat. I love this fat body. It was mine the first time I kissed a boy. It was mine the first time I performed on stage. It was mine when I graduated high school and then college. During every volleyball game, track meet, softball tournament. When I wrestled my brothers and won. When I wrestled them and lost. Every car ride to nowhere and abandoned trampolines during summertime with my friends- this fat body has always been mine. I love this fat body. I’ve grown up in this fat body. I’ve seen heartbreak and loss in this body. I haven’t always shown this body how much I loved it, but it has always forgiven me. This body breeds confidence. This body begs me to be bold. This body demands success and unadulterated tenacity.…

No Secret! – My Tips to Weight-Loss

Originally posted on HappyHealthyHouseholds:
So over the months I have had a few many messages sent to me asking me what my secret was. I always get overly excited when someone asks me honestly. As self involving as it seems it does always just make me feel wonderful when I feel like other people think I am doing a good job at something or are motivated or inspired by it, and then to get asked advice about it just puts the icing on the cake! Then I sit down to answer, and I got nothing. The thing is that I don’t have any one tip that I can say is the reason for my success, other then perseverance I suppose. You see once I try to condense all the things that I assume are the ones that worked I find I am writing a novel of sorts. The truth is that I have taken bits and pieces of things from all over the place and mixed and match. I couldn’t say that it was one…

HIIT Cardio Workout

Originally posted on a health & fitness blog:
HIIT, aka high intensity interval training, is great for stubborn fat loss! You switch up between periods of high intensity which elevates your heart rate and rest. This style of workout is notorious for continually burning calories even AFTER your session is over. Tabatas are great examples of HIIT — a Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest (totaling 4 minutes)   This is usually completed with a single exercise to cause muscle fatigue, but doesn’t have to be. Here is an example of my cardio day: Warm Up 30 minutes  stationary bike HIIT Tabata : jump squats (8 rounds :: 20sec work/10 sec rest) Rest :60-:90 Tabata : kettlebell swings (8 rounds :: 20sec work/10 sec rest) Rest :60-:90 Tabata : jump lunges (8 rounds :: 20sec work/10 sec rest) Rest :60-:90 Tabata : burpees  (8 rounds :: 20sec work/10 sec rest) Rest :60-:90 Tabata : skaters  (8 rounds :: 20sec work/10 sec rest) FYI- I use a…

Day 11: lunch and dinner

Originally posted on sincerelynakama:
? Yummy! For lunch I went a little light today cause I had hot yoga planned about an hour later! So I had some leafy greens, two eggs, some pretzel crackers, sliced apples on the side an hummus! I bought some hummus not too long ago and I am loving it! Hummus is high in protein, low in carbs, low in fat and great tasting! It’s like… the peanut butter I could never eat without worrying about added sugars and fats!? For dinner I had rice (of course!) some chicken breast and a light salad! Yum!