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Spa day in the city

Originally posted on Face Camera Action:
I am definitely a city gal I jump at the opportunity to got into the city, that being any city. I love the fast moving pace and the whole atmosphere so for my boyfriends birthday I got him a VIP spa day as I feel like it is so nice to get away from every day life and just relax. I found the most amazing spa day in the centre of London and it was so lovely to just spend the day together and leave all the stress of real life behind. The spa day was in a hotel called The Atheneum which overlooks St James Park. The hotel was stunning from the outside as the whole side corner of the building was covered in flowers and greenery which was amazing and  really made the hotel blend in with the park. We got the train to London Victoria so it was a short but sweet walk past Buckingham Palace and through the park to the hotel. Once inside we…

Retail Therapy & Saturday Shopping Treats

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After the sad news on Thursday, I needed some retail therapy to cheer myself up. Today my mum and step dad came to visit me in Sheffield, as my step dad hadn’t seen my new flat. If you’ve read my blog before/know me, you will be aware of my Yankee Candle obsession. My purchases probably won’t be a surprise to you, if that’s the case. I spotted these two cute Yankee Candle votive holders, which will go perfectly on my TV stand. I do own a lot of candle holders if I’m honest, but oh well. I love them. Although I’ve bought the votive versions of Wild Sea Grass and Beach Holiday, I decided to buy other sized versions ready for the future reviews I have planned. On first impressions, they both smell awesome. I noticed when my parents arrived at my flat that they’d made a cup of tea but I had no coasters for anyone to put their mugs down on. I spotted these brilliant mug coasters…