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The 15 Countries To Visit Sooner Rather Than Later

Originally posted on The Wanderlust Times:
Traveling is something we all love, obviously if your reading this, and the beauty of adventure for some is finding new and exciting places to visit. Well these next few destinations are growing with popularity more and more every year and you best visit before they’re over run with tourists and that little bit less exciting. Croatia Ok so Croatia is pretty popular already, with places like Dubrovnik and Split some of the most visited places in Europe. I had to add it to the list however, because Croatia is currently using their own currency (Croatian Kuna) meaning it is still relatively cheap compared to other European countries. But it won’t be for long. Croatia joined the European Union in mid-2013 and is set to change their currency to the Euro by no later than 2019 (but they can apply from 2016). So get there quick! Morocco Morocco is growing in popularity year after year, but most seem to just visit the cultural hub of Marrakech and that is all…

Napa Valley, California

Originally posted on Chey Chey from the Bay:
Day tripping to Napa Valley is one of my favorite things to do while visiting home in San Francisco. Visiting wine country has definitely taken on a new meaning since my kiddie days, but even if you’re not into wine, the scenery in Napa is unbeatable, the restaurant selection is on point, there’s shopping & galleries, pretty areas to stroll through and did I mention it’s beautiful and relaxing? It’s the perfect place to get away, and if you’re already in NorCal, it’s ideal to visit for just the day or weekend. Hello wining & dining at its finest! Here’s a look at what I did on my last trip to Napa Valley with my parents. I can safely say I wish I never had to leave, but alas I live in reality, and am writing this from good ol’ NYC. Napa Valley is home to some of the best food in the country– from Michelin-starred restaurants to neighborhood eateries, this whole area is pretty much a hotbed of culinary superiority. R+D Kitchen in Yountville…