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Top 5 Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Originally posted on Views of Venus:
I am one of those girls who likes to really prepare for an event. I even go as far as checking out YouTube tutorials for the best makeup tips. Since it’s now October, I thought I’d put together a list of some incredible Halloween makeup tutorials that I’ve come across recently. Once you can master at least one of these looks, there’ll be no need to splash out on an expensive costume. Here are my top 10 Halloween makeup tutorials: Chrisspy gives us a step by step guide that makes this professional looking makeup look so easy. This is not the only Halloween tutorial on her channel, so check it out if you want to find the perfect look for you. 2. 18 year old Erin looks stunning as the gory Little Red Riding Hood. This look is perfect for Halloween, but still absolutely beautiful. Click here FreshBlush to go to her channel for more beautiful makeup tips. 3. Halloween is also the perfect opportunity to show off your sexiness. This…

A Quick Guide to Makeup Hygiene

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Keeping your eyes healthy is more important than making them look beautiful. But there are ways to do both; all you have to do is follow these simple makeup hygiene tips: Three months after purchase, you should dispose of your eye makeup and replace it. This is because bacteria grows easily in creamy, liquid makeup which can then get in your eyes and cause an infection. Never share eye makeup or use samples in store. If someone who has previously used the makeup has had an infection, it will likely be past on to you. Only use eye makeup that you know has not been contaminated by multiple users. Sharing lipsticks can also lead to problems such as a cold sore. Avoid leaving your makeup in the hot sun because heat heightens the growth of bacteria which can leave you with a nasty eye infection. Anything above 29 degrees Celsius is too hot for makeup storage. Remove all your eye makeup at night before you go to bed. You…