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We Are Living Single

Sometimes I still can’t believe the shocked expression I see on people’s faces when I tell them that I’m single. It’s like I instantly turned into an alien and started speaking a foreign language. Now, I would love to believe that they just think I’m the most beautiful girl in the world and they absolutely cannot believe that some knight in shining armor hasn’t swooped me up yet; but honestly, I think it’s most likely because dating seems to be one of the only things that every 20-somethings thinks about. So…here I am, a 23-year-old, recent college graduate, and not too bad on the eyes (if I may say so myself) but for some reason I’m not that interested. Not to say that I won’t date, but the idea of wasting so much time, energy, and money on someone who is not the one makes me cringe. And, yes, I already know what you’re thinking…“You’re young. You still have time. You don’t have to find the one right now.” That’s all true, but that certainly doesn’t mean …

not another box of chocolates

Originally posted on for the love of nike:
I think we all hate those mushy-gushy-corny-worny-heap-o-cheap Valentine’s gifts you’d imagine have been sitting in a Walgreens warehouse since they weren’t sold last February. Instead of giving in to a made up holiday and buying some piece of junk that’ll just get thrown out in a few months, I like to get creative and find another way to tell my loved ones that they rock. See what I mean? If you’re diggin’ it, take a closer look and click below. It’s time to get personal and give personal, whether your person is into Emily Dickinson, a sneakerhead, nature lover, or a Where The Wild Things Are fan. ?