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Reminiscing Summer

Originally posted on Alphe's Corner:
Saying that I’m not a great fan of winter would be a huge understatement – I need to wear a jumper in over 20 C (I’m always cold), so when the temperature drops to around 0 C I just wish I could bury myself in my bed and hibernate until April-May. I shouldn’t complain about it too much now though, this winter has been exceptionally merciful in terms of temperatures so far. But besides the cold, the thing I dislike the most about winter is the lack of daylight. I get up early – my alarm goes off at 5:30 Monday to Friday – so I can watch the sunrise from the window in my office at work, and by the time I get home in the afternoon it’s already getting dark again. It puts me in that sad, tired mood, and despite having the same daily schedule in December and July I can’t help the feeling that in winter I get by far less quality time for myself.…

Cottony Clouds Over my Paradisaical Workplace

Originally posted on Thoughts, Tales, and Whatnot:
While out on my morning walk/jog, I chanced on this view and couldn’t help but marvel at the cloud-filled sky. Usually, our skies are just shades of blue with a scattering of cottony clouds here and there. Here’s a zoomed-in shot. I actually had to wade into the waters to take the above, but I had no regrets.  The scenery looked so pretty!  I even stopped my morning routine and just lounged around while enjoying the serene views. This one’s taken on the roadway fronting Galapagos Beach.  The clouds here weren’t so defined, but I loved how the palm trees reflected on the still lagoon waters. On my way back to my room, my view of a cloud-filled sky was just as pronounced from the back lobby. Photos taken at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which by the way is now my favorite mobile camera because it takes photos in wider angles than my iPhone 6.

7 Lessons Learned in Maui

Originally posted on How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways:
This was my second time visiting Maui, and yet when I got there, there was a lot of  “Oh yeah, I remember that now” or “Wow yeah, that is a Maui thing!”. So here are my “lessons learned” from this last vacation. Although, it maybe should be more like “things remembered”. There are so many things I love about island life and so many things I always try to remember for our next trip! 1. No lotion or Chapstick My most favorite thing about the island! There’s so much moisture that you never need to put on lotion and I think I used my chapstick all of 2 times while we were there. Everything is perfectly moisturized all the time! It’s fabulous. 2. Everyone can pull off the beachy hippy hair It’s my favorite when I don’t have to style my hair! It’s too humid so curling or straightening is kind of too much of an effort. And plus at some point in the day…

It’s OKAY to be a Tourist

Originally posted on Little Brantley Abroad:
My post today is all about being a tourist. I don’t know why but a lot of us see that word with negative connotations. We often picture dorky people with giant maps taking up the entire sidewalk, covered head to toe in I LOVE (insert popular city here) clothing and butchering the local language. Well, I am here to make you see the term tourist in not only a positive light, but as something we would aspire to be! Tourist: noun // A person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure. I’m not sure about you, but being a tourist sounds pretty damn nice to me. It means you are in a new place; you are out of your comfort zone and taking a daring adventure for the first time. There have been countless occasions, whilst on vacation, that I didn’t take a picture or feel comfortable filming just because I didn’t want to look like a tourist. There are so many amazing photos that would have been worth the…

How to Plan Out NYC in 10 Days

Originally posted on How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways:
I am still on such a high from the big apple! I love it so much! There is so much to see and do and to just look around at! Since this was the boyfriend’s first time I knew we had to hit all the sights. We took a red eye flight and got to the city at 10 am. And then the adventuring began! Because we had so many things we wanted to do we decided to write down by days what we wanted to see and do. Day 1: Arrived at the apartment, went to brunch, came back for a nap, took our first subway ride to Times Square to soak in all the bright lights. Then we wandered down a street to get dinner in our first Irish Pub for the week! Day 2: Started out with some coffee, then it was off to the Brooklyn Bridge we went. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and then went to the park below. Followed…

Trip Recap: Istanbul and Cairo

Originally posted on The 9 to 5 Wanderer:
?? I’ve got so much to say about my trip to Istanbul and Cairo, that I thought it would be best to start with a broad recap and then delve into some of the more detailed stuff I’ve been busting at the seams to share with you all. Literally dozens of blog post ideas on the docket. It’s going to be great, trust me. Consider this a bit of a teaser of what’s to come! Days in Istanbul:?4.5 (cumulatively) Days in Cairo: 5 Hours in the air: about 25 Hours spend in-transit: who?knows, a heck of a lot! Facial products used in-flight: 5 (all completely necessary, I promise you) Airplane meals consumed: 7 (and I slept through one, grrrr). Turkish Airways’?food was surprisingly quite good, very high on the edible scale as far as airplane foods go. Thumbs up to Turkish Airways in general, I was very pleased with their service. Highs:? I mean, it’s hard to think of what wasn’t a high, I had such an amazing time,…

Lake Tahoe, California

Originally posted on Chey Chey from the Bay:
If you know me at all, you know that I love Lake Tahoe with a passion! It is hands down my favorite place to get away from everything. The air is fresh, the lake is blue as can be and the scenery is beautiful. It’s so peaceful. I used to go all the time when I was a little kid– the good times. There’s is no other place that gives such a sense of nostalgia. I’ve spent vacations there during both the winter and summer, with my family and with my boy friend’s, when I was a baby all the way up through my young adulthood and I can safely say it never gets old. Over this past summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to go twice to my beloved Tahoe. Here’s a neat, little guide to the things we did, ate and saw– and some of the things we didn’t have time for, but wish we did.  Tahoe is an outdoor enthusiasts dream! There are endless options…

The 15 Countries To Visit Sooner Rather Than Later

Originally posted on The Wanderlust Times:
Traveling is something we all love, obviously if your reading this, and the beauty of adventure for some is finding new and exciting places to visit. Well these next few destinations are growing with popularity more and more every year and you best visit before they’re over run with tourists and that little bit less exciting. Croatia Ok so Croatia is pretty popular already, with places like Dubrovnik and Split some of the most visited places in Europe. I had to add it to the list however, because Croatia is currently using their own currency (Croatian Kuna) meaning it is still relatively cheap compared to other European countries. But it won’t be for long. Croatia joined the European Union in mid-2013 and is set to change their currency to the Euro by no later than 2019 (but they can apply from 2016). So get there quick! Morocco Morocco is growing in popularity year after year, but most seem to just visit the cultural hub of Marrakech and that is all…