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Have you outgrown your job?

Originally posted on MiddleMe:
If you open up this article, maybe you haven’t outgrown of your job but you’re not sure. Here’s where I come in and help you. There is a difference between whether you have outgrown your job or you are bored with your job. I have collated a list of questions for you to ask yourself if that is the problem: 1. More, more, more… Do you feel that you can do a lot more in your current state? A lot of times when we felt that we have mastered the job, we basically can finished the tasks with one eye open. There is not a lot of challenge to that. In that case, will it helps if you take on a new project in your company? Maybe you’re a business analyst and running through the numbers daily takes half of your day instead of the usual full day, pick on a project that differs from your field, like planning a department event or ask to coach someone who can cover you…