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Workout Aversion

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It’s so easy to become distracted from your focus. I try my best to practise yoga daily – but when your focus shifts to something else you deem a priority or if your mind is heavily on other things, it’s easy to put your health and habits second. I am guilty of this as we speak. And while I’m still able to set aside a little time each day to meditate, I’ve found my yoga practise has taken a back seat over the last couple of weeks. It’s ok, it’s nothing serious, deep or dark. I’ve just accidently slipped into a bit of a workout aversion funk – which I’m about to jump straight back out of! I know how these things go if you don’t nip it in the bud before the laziness really had a chance to bloom! When I’m so used to doing exercise every day, it would be easy to beat myself up about it, and find myself in a downward spiral of bad…

What is Willpower?

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Willpower is the ability to ignore temporary pleasures or discomforts in order to pursue a longer-term goal, and is essentially a biological function. It is a mind-body response, not a virtue. It is using your rational side to control or dictate what the emotional side wants-not a fair or easy fight! Emotions are a powerful driver of decisions and easily overpower reasoning at times.  So given that willpower is limited, what can we do to maximise our willpower? and what are some strategies to conserve it? 1. Plan in advance. Planning in advance for moments of weak self-control reinforces willpower when it is needed most. For example: The food choices we make because we are tired or hungry. These choices are often poor and of little nutritional value because we just grab what is convenient and usually packaged! A better strategy would be to organise meals for the day or week in advance (I do mine on a Sunday) so that you are at your strongest in regards to willpower. Then your meals…