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Then v. Now: 5 Old “Websites” 90s Kids Will Remember

Bebo/Xanga Both were popular sites for young adults, girls especially, in the early/mid 2000s. They were the perfect places to keep a “private” or public online journal, currently known as blogging.

Throwback Thursdays! “Everlong” by Foo Fighters

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This is one of the few songs by a band that I feel in general I can say both die-hard and casual fans agree is their best song. It’s one of Foo Fighters best videos, it’s a great rock song and it has a pretty great acoustic version as well. I thought I was gonna say more about this but it turns out that I am not. Enjoy the video!

Throwback Thursdays! “Popular” by Nada Surf

Originally posted on The Nostalgia Blog:
I’m curious to see how many people remember this song. Just kidding! Nada Surf probably doesn’t even remember this song. I promise I’ll do a more well known song next week. Until then, enjoy!

Low-Fright Movie Night: Halloween Movies That Won’t Scare Your Pants Off

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I love almost everything about Halloween. Candy? Awesome. Costumes? Fun! Falling leaves, cider, donuts, tacky decorations? Sure! But there’s one big part of the holiday I can’t get behind: being scared. Slasher movies gross me out. I love ghost stories and spooky stuff, but as night falls and I’m alone in my 105-year-old house, I really, really wish I had skipped it. Besides, there’s plenty of real-life stuff to be afraid of, like repaying my student loans, or the prospect that the dead mouse I found this morning has left a widow and children somewhere in my house. Scaring myself silly over things that probably don’t exist doesn’t help matters. So what to do if you want to get into the Halloween spirit, but don’t want the Halloween spirit to keep you up in the middle of the night? Here are some of my favorite Halloween movies – either gently supernatural, or set during the season – that don’t leave me feeling all goosebumpy. Harry Potter Pick a Harry Potter,…

This is England ’90

I find myself endlessly drawn back to This is England, despite occasional boredom and lots of tears shed. I believe my first interaction was with ’86, and I was in love with the clothes and scooters mostly. I also think Joe Gilgun is pretty incredible, and Vicky McClure was cute back then too. I fondly remember the Monday mornings in school for those two weeks of rapes and murders – we were all pretty shocked and upset, and stole some ideas for a drama performance. I then worked backwards and watched the film which I didn’t love as much, because Shane Meadows is something of an acquired taste and I hate England. Yet every two years, here I am. Glued to my 4oD every Monday (because who watches live TV). The issue with This is England in all of its incarnations for me is perhaps wherein others find its strengths – it is boring. It is meandering, structureless, and frankly a bit dull until someone says something absurd or gets beaten or raped under a piano score. Despite thinking that maybe…


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Class: Throwback Studio: Throwback Fitness Location: 303 5th Ave, Rm 207, New York, NY 10016 Workout Category: strength training, circuit training, rowing What ClassPass Says: “Class includes rowing instruction, warm-up and 2 workouts – phys ed and recess. The phys ed workout consists of individual or partner rowing sprints and bodyweight circuits. The recess portion is a team workout that will channel your youth with feelings of playground fun or dorm room parties…” My Instructor: Ryan Wilke Class Number: 91 Throwback Fitness is all about bringing the fun back into your workouts. And, gotta say, I sure had some. For our warm-up, Ryan had us play a little game. Focused on 90s rock music, he would start to play a snippet of a song that would either feature a band from Seattle or Los Angeles. Our job was to choose which city we thought the band stemmed from – if we thought Seattle, we did jumping jacks and if we thought Los Angeles we did squats. For those that…