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These Are a Few of My Favourite Things.

Originally posted on HappyHealthyHouseholds:
Brace yourselves for a post made entirely out of cheese. The metaphorical mushy-gushy-feelings kind of course. You have been warned… There are many things in this world that make me happy. My children, my family, my almost-husband, my friends, and yes my possessions. It is, however, all the little things for me that create true enjoyment. The strange or sometimes the ordinary and otherwise unnoticed things. Small seemingly unimportant things that trigger nostalgia, or that somehow literally make your heart feel warm or your throat catch. You know, the things that make you say to yourself “Man I love this” or “THIS is what happiness is”. Things that make you feel human, or that just create an overwhelming sense of contentedness. The ACTUAL moments in your life where, like in the movies, you have to stop, take a deep breathe, and just enjoy for a second how perfect right now is. Seeing as how Thanksgiving is just around the corner, for my Canadian friends, this type of post I think comes…

There’s A Snake In My Boot!

Originally posted on White Walls + Wanderlust:
“Why a quote from Toy Story?” “What’s with the confetti?” These are questions that you may be asking yourself. Or not. Well, Toy Story is apparently the 100th greatest movie of all time, according to IMDb. Still confused? White Walls & Wanderlust has just recently reached 100 followers… and counting! Now you’re probably asking, “Why didn’t you use the quote TO INFINITY AND BEYOND?” I agree, that would have probably made much more sense in this situation. Oh well. Luckily the 100th greatest movie wasn’t some horror movie or silent film. Then we’d be in a pickle. This is a quick celebratory post to give a huge thank you to everyone who follows the blog whether you actually enjoy reading it, I forced you, or you followed me out of pity. I appreciate each and every one of you. I realize that 100 is a super small number compared to many of the bloggers out there, but I’ve got to say that I’m pretty proud of myself for reaching it. Mainly because I thought I would…