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Honey Lemon Ginger Tea Syrup

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Flu season is upon us… hope everyone takes care and don’t get sick. I don’t tend to get sick much in terms of full-blown flu but I get a lot of sore throats and the occasional cold. Getting enough fluids is important. Here’s a simple home remedy using just lemon, honey, and ginger which all have sinus-clearing, anti-inflammatory properties that boost your immune system. It’s so useful even as a preventive measure. Simply fill a mason jar with lemon and ginger slices and add honey. Keep this in the fridge overnight to form a ‘jelly’. When you are ready to have your drink, just spoon a tablespoon of it into your mug and pour hot water or tea over it. You can even make hot rum toddies with this if that’s your thing. Enjoy it any way you like! Any go to thing you guys use for colds? Please let me know in the comments. Keep safe and warm. Til next time,

Tea Time.

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What could be better than a chilly, rainy, autumn morning, with a steaming cup of tea in hand? Nothing, that’s what. Okay, maybe I can think of a few things, like a millions dollars, a herd of ponies, endless bruschetta… But a dreary morning being warmed up by a favorite tea is still pretty amazing. Since I stopped drinking soda this month, I’ve been looking for healthier, still delicious alternatives beverage wise. Going through a gallon of juice can get expensive, especially with how quickly it disappears. I never was a coffee drinker, and I’ve had to let go of my all time favorite drink, Red Bull. I will admit that I have been much better off without Red Bull, and I know in the long run less/no soda is great too. But I have to admit, water can get a little tedious after a month. So I decided to pick up drinking a little bit more tea. From time to time, I’ve been brewing up my old favorites and…

Caffeine Free Girl

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Throughout the course of my little blogging journey I’ve been trying to make positive changes everywhere I can. But, as we all know, even for the most open of us, change can be bloody hard! Experts will tell you that behavioral change is the most difficult because habits become ingrained into our routines and therefore our lives. That’s why smokers find it so hard to kick the habit, why you’re waking up at 6 am on a Saturday instead of lying in while you have the day off and probably why 9 times out of ten you did lock the door when you left the house even if you can’t remember doing it. Behaviors, people! So change is hard, and it’s not because you’re not up for it, it’s just that you’re battling a consistent behavioral pattern that your mind has gotten used to and doesn’t see a reason to do anything differently because it likes its little routine. Just about one month ago, I made a bit of a…

Beauty Benefits of Tea ♡

I’m a big tea fan, particularly herbal teas, they’re so relaxing and are full of good stuff that can benefit you inside and out. I thought i’d share some of my favourite teas and the good things they can do for you. Green Tea  Green tea is renowned for it’s anti-oxidants and nutrients which help with fat loss, preventing cancer and improving brain function. Green tea contains certain antioxidants which reduce the formation of free radicals (basically a molecule that can cause cell damage) which can cause aging, meaning green tea helps prevent wrinkles. That’s reason enough for me to keep a mug close by at all times, but if drinking it is not your thing it has many benefits when applied to the skin. It’s known to help protect skin from UV rays when used in conjunction with sun screen, those pesky free radicals also help UV rays cause damage, green tea saves the day by neutralising the damage and helps with inflammation. Green tea is also known to have calming effects on the redness of Rosacea, if this is…

Earl Grey Biscotti

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While I have wifi, I’ll update fast. These photos are a bit different, as I took them fast during my only 4 days in Toronto when I just got back from Taiwan.  I’m in Quebec right now for a French Immersion program, and I practically never have wifi (I mooch off the school library’s wifi). You guys have not left my minds though! I’ve been editing photos and thinking of updating for the past 2 weeks. Thank you for all your patience. These cookies take only a handful of ingredients to make, but always deliver. I brought them with me on the train to, uh, make some friends. I thought the food would make up for my lack of French at the time. Well, let’s just say I’ve made a lot of friends here 😉 Anyhow, they’re crunchy, fragrant and delightful served with a cup of black coffee. INGREDIENTS GROUP A 2 eggs 3/4 cup granulated sugar 2 teaspoons Earl Grey tea leaves (from 1 tea bag) GROUP B 2 cups…

5 Signs That You Are an Anti-Hipster

FOR THE RECORD: The anti in anti-hipster is pronounced like an-tee. If you pronounce it an-tie most people will think you hate hipsters. Unless you do hate them, in which case, do whatever you want. As for the antee-hipsters. Here are the signs: 1. YOU POSSESS A “NERDY” CHARACTERISTIC. Just because.   In my case, this would be my preference to stay in and read a good book while drinking tea. Thus the reason I have a books & tea pinterest board. 2. YOU’RE USED TO PEOPLE CALLING YOU WEIRD, and you don’t give a damn. Since high school, and I couldn’t care less. 3. YOU STOPPED TRYING TO BE COOL YEARS AGO. Either you were “over it” or didn’t care to keep up. I couldn’t keep up, so I decided to do #4. 4. YOU DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT, because you can. It’s like I always say, “Be yourself. Unless you suck. Then change, but still be yourself.” 5. YOU ARE NEVER AHEAD OF THE TIMES, but sometimes they catch up with you. This …