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Sunrise or Sunset?

Originally posted on Confessions of a 20-something:
Well, well, well, here you are again, reader. Did you come back because I said in my last post that I would be starting the writing prompts from 300 Writing Prompts? No? Well… That’s awkward… We’re just going to keep moving on here. For those of you who are just here by coincidence, here’s the short of it all. I bought a book of 300 writing prompts and I am trying to convince myself that I can make a powerful piece of writing out of all of them. And then I had a delusion that my readers would hold me accountable for all 300 of them. We’ll see. Anyways, after flipping through the book, the first one I chose to write about was this question: Which do you prefer, sunrise or sunset?  I am a Colorado native, our sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking. If I didn’t get to see at least one of them everyday, I would end up being a very grumpy soul. That being said, nothing is…