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Top 10 clothing stores

Originally posted on thetaslifestyle:
Hello readers, welcome to my blog post. I have not been blogging for a long time due to school. I have done a blog post like this before on top 10 beauty, lifestyle,fashion and diy YouTube channels. These are my 10 10. Miss guided 8. Pacsun 7. AX Paris 6. Topshop 5. George(asda) 4. Primark 3. H&M 2. Forever 21 1. New look Thank you for looking at my top 10 clothing stores I like. This top 10 is based on my favourite stores and the stores I go to the most. Since I’ve been in most stores on my top 10, I will show you what I have brought from all stores. . Remones top (from primark) . Blue high heels and demin jeans ( from new look) . Demin jeans, turquoise crop top with cream coloured coat(from new look,H&M and primark) Hope you’ll like my top 10 lists and the clothes I’ve bought from different stores that l love soo much. Also, I will be blogging every weekend.…