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Escape: Far North Queensland

 We are currently in beautiful Far North Queensland, where the spectacular rainforest meets the warm calm waters of the Coral Sea. Here are a few snaps from the trip so far, we will have a full detailed post coming soon, once we can drag ourselves away from the beautiful sandy beaches. Love ELE x View original post

Escape: Port Fairy, Australia

 We have been lucky enough to spend another beautiful weekend in the gorgeous town of Port Fairy in Australia. This picture was snapped at East Beach after a two hour walk along the coastline, the pretty spring flowers were in full bloom and the ocean was so calm and inviting. For more details on the town including where to eat and where to stay see our previous Port Fairy post. Happy Sunday x View original post

Live: Rosemary and Succulent Bouquets

Rosemary and Succulent Bouquet Flowering Rosemary It is the first day of spring here in the southern hemisphere and while it is a gloriously sunny day today it is still very crisp and cold. While we are waiting for our spring flowers to bloom we have been making these pretty bouquets using flowering rosemary and succulents. They make every room smell great and last forever, still retaining their prettiness as they dry. View original post

Prioritizing Then & Balancing Now

There are two specific times in my life that I realized how important it was for me to prioritize: spring semester senior year and now (one year after graduating). Senior Year: Spring Semester For the record, I’ve always done my best to prioritize, but senior year spring semester my skills were put to the test. Being an active member of my college community (which meant being over involved) I had to cut back in order to focus on postgraduate plans. One afternoon I received a call from an individual that had the audacity to lecture me over my choice to work on a group project and future endeavors versus participating in an event for an extracurricular activity. I used logic to prioritize the circumstance. I chose to attend college to get a degree, the extracurricular activities were a perk that would not make or break (emphasis on break) my ability to get a job. I didn’t pay $160k for extracurriculars. My priorities, in order, were my education, internships, anything related to film/TV (due to my career choice), and …

No. Because Senioritis.

I’M IN MY FINAL SEMESTER OF MY COLLEGE CAREEEEEER! If you’re a senior too, you understand my sentiment. Right now people are either really ecstatic, super anxious, or some-level-of depressed. I am somewhere in between ecstatic and anxious. I’m anstatic (<– I tried). Though I am proud to say I will be graduating this spring (which was never a question), I am doing quite a bit prepare for post-grad life. For starters, I am networking like crazy and I’ve done a lot of research on different companies in California (where I am moving to).  I am also gathering information about housing, talking to alumni, finding prices to ship items and switch my car over, and so forth. I am also working on three film projects, managing the PR and production department of our film society, and interning for a production company that is close by. I will completely admit, I am a busy body, but I love every minute of it. I need it. With all of the things listed above, I still find myself …