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How to Spend One Week in Barcelona

Originally posted on Lesya Shepel Cooking:
Українська | English Привіт-привіт! Ой як же непросто після двотижневої  подорожі в сонячну Іспанію повернутися додому, в домашню рутину, а тим більше попрощатися з літом. Але куди подінешся – час не питає дозволу йти собі далі. Лишається переглядати фото з відпустки і поринати в солодку ностальгію. Свою відпустку ми з чоловіком спланували ще весною, як і годиться завбачливим туристам,  –  заздалегідь  придбали квитки на літак (ми летіли іспанським лоукостом Iberia), забронювали готелі, визначилися з маршрутом подорожі та розробили детальну екскурсійну програму. Скажу наперед, що спочатку ми планували відвідати три місця – Барселону, Тоссу де Мар (бл. 100 км на північ від Барселони) і мальовничий Кадакес неподалік Франції (в цьому містечку жив і творив Сальвадор Далі разом зі своєю музою Галою, там же знаходиться його будинок-музей). Ідея щодо останнього народилася спонтанно після покупки аромату Sea & Sun in Cadaques Salvador Dali.  Щоб задовольнити цікавість з приводу містечка Кадакес, полізла у Вікіпедію, де й дізналась, що воно дуже красиве і атмосферне, з милими білосніжними будиночками. Однак до Кадакеса ми, на жаль, так…

Barcelona Beauty.

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Taken at: Casa Milà, Barcelona, Spain, 2015. I’ve been looking back at photo’s from my recent summer vacation (in an attempt to escape the current cold winter reality) and stumbled across this one taken in Barcelona. This photo is taken from the courtyard of Gaudí’s Casa Milà, an architectural masterpiece. You would probably recognize the building from it’s extravagant outside and rooftop, but I was really draw to the structure of the building. I loved playing with perspective and angles in this photograph, and I’m pretty happy in how it turned out. Hoije ❤

Day Fifty-Eight and Fifty-Nine: Beautiful Barcelona

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Barcelona. Oh Barcelona. What a beautiful city.? Today I start my 21 day Topdeck tour around Spain, Morocco and Portugal. After the absolutely crappiest night sleeping in the Milan airport terminal, I caught my flight to Barcelona. From the rainy and cold Italy to the warm blue skies of Spain. I immediately loved Barcelona with its cool ocean breeze, funky architecture and trees lining the streets. Our tour was only due to start at 14:00 so I had time to kill before being able to check into the hostel. I was gross and tired and so headed to the man made beaches of Barcelona (yes man made! Crazy, they imported sand and everything). The beaches are pretty gross looking (the sand is like a dark brown) but the water is okay. Never have I ever seen so many topless women on a beach. Everyone talks about south of France being topless haven but nothing (in my limited experience) has come close to Barcelona. ? First taste of Barcelona ?? Les…

My Vegan Travels Through Spain.

Originally posted on Heart of a Traveller:
I have to admit, I was a bit anxious about being able to eat properly during my last trip. It was the first trip I was taking with my non-vegan parents and brother, meaning that we ate most of our meals in regular (meat and dairy heavy) restaurants. However, I was quickly proven wrong. The majority of restaurant owners in Spain were really accommodating, and there was almost always one of two vegan dishes on the menu. The main thing I learned: ALWAYS ASK! At the start I always felt like I was annoying asking waiters and owners if they could “veganise” a dish, but I almost always got a positive response (in France this was a whole different story, but I’ll be writing a separate post on that!). Overall, I would definitely recommend Spain to vegans; I ate some amazing meals! Here are some of my favorite vegan food moments in Spain! The abundance of fresh fruit available in Spain! I ate so much local produce, and…