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My Morning Routine for Smooth Toned and Glowing Skin

Originally posted on THE MILLENNIAL EXCLUSIVE Blog:
Large pores, pimples, acne and worse the marks they leave behind. To achieve poreless, smooth and naturally glowy skin I took matters into my own hands and searched around for products that really work for me. I have combination skin – oily in my T-zone and dry around my chin and mouth. Considering my skin tone (dark) I’m also extremely susceptible to hyperpigmentation and the dreaded dark spots left over from acne. I’m happy to share however, that I finally have  a regimen that works to keep my skin not only breakout free but incredibly smooth. MY MORNING ROUTINE Cleansing I start out with the usual–washing my face. A face brush of some sort is crucial for really getting a deep clean and making sure that your face wash can penetrate deep in your pores and do what it’s meant to. A face brush is great…but the cost? Not so much.  I use the ULTA brand dual action cleansing brush (usually $25 and lasts a long time). It…

Fake Tan Favorites

Originally posted on Face Camera Action:
Fake tan is one of the best inventions ever. The sun is so damaging to the skin and yes you hear about it on the news and social media all the time but I don’t think everyone actually recognises how serious it can be and how awful it can be once your skin is damaged. You only get one body and it really is so important to look after yourself. Everyone wants to be tanned, especially in the summer and us girls go to all lengths to be the golden goddess we secretly are and don’t get me wrong I admit I have not always been the best at looking after my skin and have had my fair share of sun beds but recently I have really been looking into how much the sun can do and it honestly is shocking! Moral is the story is that you should stick to the fake stuff! My favourite brand of fake tan is Fake Bake. This tan is used by people…

Beach Beauty Edit: Face

Originally posted on Emily Bloor:
The beach is a place where we can be free: Free-spirited, stress-free, and make-up free! If you are a beauty junkie who can’t go bare-faced, or simply want to look extra gorgeous on your beach vacation, look no further. I have rounded up my favourite beach-beauty products which won’t budge with sweat and sea-salt, and won’t melt in the heat of the sun. From gorgeous creamy blushes and surfer girl shimmers, to waterproof concealer to cover any flaws. This is your beach make-up, sorted! Beach make-up edit Left to right, from top left:? Estee Lauder Sumptuous Waterproof Mascara, £21.? Nars illuminator in Orgasm, £23.? Guerlain Terracotta Sun Moisturiser Tan Booster SPF 15, £27.90.? NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer, £5.50.? Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Tone Perfecting Booster, £58.? Bourjois Aqua Blush 12hr, £8.99.? Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Balm, £16.? Elizabeth Arden Sunkissed Pearls Eyeshadow Stick in Fresh Water Pearl, £19.? Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense Stick SPF 50, £15. Beach beauty Smile, Look Gorgeous, and Enjoy the beach!

No, Winnie: I Don’t Feel “Loved” When White People Steal Our Culture

Originally posted on Black Millennials:
Le sigh. This weekend was one of healing. I got over 20 hours of sleep, lined my pockets in overtime pay, and cleaned up both my room and iTunes library to perfection. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and re-nourished. And then I came across a debilitating article that reminded me that, despite my restful weekend, I still live in a world where the most oppressed of us lack personal ownership, cultural authority, or a critical analysis that centers our existence with no apology or compromise. Winnie Harlow, the Canadian-born Black model who lives with vitiligo — a chronic skin condition that causes discoloration — took a major L in dopeness when she (basically) said that cultural appropriation is a sign of love, unicorns, and rainbows. Ever since gaining international recognition as a conspicuous standout in an industry notorious for its eurocentric beauty standards, Winnie Harlow has become a martyr of sorts — with many viewing her ascension and visibility as a mark against the suffocating status quo. Some…

Caffeine Free Girl

Originally posted on A Venturing Girl:
Throughout the course of my little blogging journey I’ve been trying to make positive changes everywhere I can. But, as we all know, even for the most open of us, change can be bloody hard! Experts will tell you that behavioral change is the most difficult because habits become ingrained into our routines and therefore our lives. That’s why smokers find it so hard to kick the habit, why you’re waking up at 6 am on a Saturday instead of lying in while you have the day off and probably why 9 times out of ten you did lock the door when you left the house even if you can’t remember doing it. Behaviors, people! So change is hard, and it’s not because you’re not up for it, it’s just that you’re battling a consistent behavioral pattern that your mind has gotten used to and doesn’t see a reason to do anything differently because it likes its little routine. Just about one month ago, I made a bit of a…

My Secrets to Healthy, Beautiful & Glowing Skin!

HI Everyone, Today I wanted to share with you my secrets to a healthy, beautiful and Glowing skin 🙂 I used to have pretty dull skin… for a couple of years, in fact anyone who saw me said I looked ” tired” or “sick” or stressed… and that always hurt my feelings, because I was non of those things! haha sure I was sad sometimes… or some days I felt like I was tired but this was Every freakin day!!! it wasn’t till I saw a picture of myself that I realized I really did look all of those things! and I think it really did affect my mood and overall mannerisms! and pretty much lowering my self esteem about myself… I didn’t want to look that way obviously.. and I started researching and experimenting with things to do to achieve that healthy and Glow like look ( without makeup) My main reason was that I was getting married and I didn’t want to Cake makeup on my face and I wanted people to see…