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Is it really THAT important to wear sunscreen?

Originally posted on Pretty Little Lewis:
Short answer: yes! And you should be wearing SPF 30-50 everyday. Here’s why: You may not think twenty minutes in the sun could possibly do?that much damage. But you are wrong. Even a few seconds of sun exposure without SPF protection will mutate your cells and could lead to a form of skin cancer later on. Gross. It can take up to 30 years (what!!) for sun damage to appear on your skin. Which means those years you spent at the beach with little or no sunblock (and you thought, hmm I don’t really get freckles or dark spots so I must be all good!) will catch up with you. You are not invincible! Start slapping it on now to avoid future #skinproblems. The sun causes dark spots on your skin. So if you’re trying every kind of spot cream and skin product to try hide them, the easiest solution is just to exfoliate, and load up on sunscreen. You should be wearing sunscreen EVERYWHERE. Not just your face,…


Originally posted on be beautiful.:
It may seem like a pretty straightforward concept – squirt some cleanser into your hands, scrub your face, rinse with water, and dry off. Most of us do this everyday (hopefully twice a day!) and don’t put too much thought or effort into it. But, there actually are a few face-washing mistakes that many of us do every time we begin our skin care routine. Keep reading to find out if you’re guilty of any! Mistake #1: Your hands are dirty. It may seem silly, but before you wash your face, you NEED to wash your hands. In fact, you shouldn’t even think about touching your face without freshly-cleansed hands ever. It’s so important to expose your face to as little bacteria as possible, and we all know how nasty our hands can be. Mistake #2: The water is too hot.  Since cooler weather is quickly approaching, it’s very tempting to use hot water when washing your face. Truth is, hot water washes away skin’s protective oils, leaving it dry, tight,…

Fake Tan Favorites

Originally posted on Face Camera Action:
Fake tan is one of the best inventions ever. The sun is so damaging to the skin and yes you hear about it on the news and social media all the time but I don’t think everyone actually recognises how serious it can be and how awful it can be once your skin is damaged. You only get one body and it really is so important to look after yourself. Everyone wants to be tanned, especially in the summer and us girls go to all lengths to be the golden goddess we secretly are and don’t get me wrong I admit I have not always been the best at looking after my skin and have had my fair share of sun beds but recently I have really been looking into how much the sun can do and it honestly is shocking! Moral is the story is that you should stick to the fake stuff! My favourite brand of fake tan is Fake Bake. This tan is used by people…