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Sick Day Essentials

Originally posted on Surrealistique:
I’ve been sick since yesterday, but I woke up feeling even worse today. I have no idea if I have a fever or not because our thermometer doesn’t work correctly, and I haven’t gotten around to getting a new one yet. I do know that my head hurts, my nose is getting stuffed up, and my throat feels like it’s on fire. This is the first time I’ve been sick in two years, so I had a pretty good run. I knew I was bound to catch something eventually though. I took a sick day from work today, which is not something I do often. When I miss work, my co-workers are responsible for my accounts. Most of them are already working at least ten hours a day with their own stuff. Plus, it’s super stressful going back after having time off because I have to figure out where things left off and try to get accounts caught up that my co-workers didn’t have time to get to while I was…

A massive wave of jealousy and annoyance came over me – 12th June 1998

Originally posted on If Destroyed Still True:
Friday 12th [Cleo the cat’s hairs sellotaped in to my diary foreverrrrrr. Well, for 18 years. Still pretty gross.] An awful end to an awful week. Ralph hates me and I’m ill. We went to the cinema tonight with Emma, Freddie, Hayley, Lindsey Bullman, Georgia Dean, Safiyah L and Olivia. We all split up. Georgia and Safiyah saw Sliding Doors, Lindsey and Olivia saw Scream 2 and me, Ralph, Freddie, Emma and Hayley all went to see The Wedding Singer. It was quite a good film but Ralph went all miserable and sat on his own. Hayley said he said I was a bitch but Emma said he said an evil witch. Either way – BASTARD! Well, he wasn’t much company on the way to McDonald’s either. There were just the four of is coz Hayley went early with everyone else. He didn’t say one word to me. I don’t understand coz he spoke to me in school. I know he’s gone off me and doesn’t like me…

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea Syrup

Originally posted on eatingwellnyc:
Flu season is upon us… hope everyone takes care and don’t get sick. I don’t tend to get sick much in terms of full-blown flu but I get a lot of sore throats and the occasional cold. Getting enough fluids is important. Here’s a simple home remedy using just lemon, honey, and ginger which all have sinus-clearing, anti-inflammatory properties that boost your immune system. It’s so useful even as a preventive measure. Simply fill a mason jar with lemon and ginger slices and add honey. Keep this in the fridge overnight to form a ‘jelly’. When you are ready to have your drink, just spoon a tablespoon of it into your mug and pour hot water or tea over it. You can even make hot rum toddies with this if that’s your thing. Enjoy it any way you like! Any go to thing you guys use for colds? Please let me know in the comments. Keep safe and warm. Til next time,

Pompeii, Corfu, jetskis and the Contiki Cough

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*Post was written on my trip and posted – a bit more than intended, apologies for my cold – retroactively on account of bad wifi (and said cold!)* We left Rome the next morning bright and early for what was an all travel day, puntucated with a stop in Pompeii. Pompeii was again, about a zillion degrees, and there was very little shade, making that an extra treat 😝 However the town was worth it in my opinion, as we got to walk through the theatre: Brothel: Baths: Houses: Any city forum: Of all those people whose lives were essentially frozen in time by Vesuvius. There aren’t any bodies actually at the site of Pompeii now, in case anyone was curious, but there were three plaster casts of a man: A dog: And a baby: On display that were kind of fascinating in a terrible way. After Pompeii we got back on the bus again and travel the whole day to make it to our first…